Trans-mission Partnerships

People Partnerships between the UK and Eastern Europe

Trans-mission Partnerships offers a unique opportunity for people to share their interests and skills with ordinary people, living in poor conditions in Eastern Europe.

Short term and long term projects are identified. These are achieved through 'People Partnerships'. An emphasis is placed on projects that impact communities and villages, but smaller projects supporting individuals and families also take place.

Trans-mission Partnerships recognise that 'Partners from Eastern Europe' should not create a dependency on us.

Trans-mission Partnerships believe that "Offering a small amount can make a huge difference".

Trans-mission Partnerships believe that "everyone has something to offer, regardless of age, ability or disability".


      2011      new developments

T-mP.....  are launching into new and exciting projects:

partnership and skill sharing for community groups and Churches
  *  "team building" and "Corporate Social Responsibility" for businesses
  *  exciting and challenging personal experiences for young people and students

              International  Centre

An International Centre continues  to be the long term aim of T-mP. Based in Romania, the centre will deliver training and provide an accommodation base for teams from the UK. It will also become the "hub" for our ever-growing network, as well as provide a resource for other groups and charities seeking to work in Eastern Europe.

T-mP would like to say a very big.....                 "THANK YOU" to:

    Steve Beatty from "Plastic Head" Music Distributors, for the financial contribution, enabling T-mP continue and embark on new development.

     Paul and Wendy Biddlecmbe.

    My brother Fred who has always helped me when needed over the years, and finally a VERY SPECIAL thanks  to my boys who have sacrificed much over the years, often doing without.